This fund is the foundation that we use to fulfill our mission, “Serving Christ in the Community from Grace.”  Our operating budget provides the funds needed to take care of our beautiful building including utilities, insurance and maintenance. It helps us cover staff salaries, weekly worship, education, youth ministry and caring ministries. It makes it possible for us to have a Program Minister, who offers life-changing experiential learning for children, youth, families, and our entire congregation.  It is the operating fund which pays other staff salaries including the pastor, administrator/financial secretary, musician, and custodian.  The operating fund also  ensures that we have heat, lights and paper supplies for all who use our building. The regular, faithful giving of our members and friends to the General Operating Fund makes life-changing ministry possible.  We are doubly thankful for those who give electronically through their bank or our on-line giving, as this makes the continuity of salaries and utility bills possible.

You can ...

  • Bring or mail your contribution to: Irving Park United Methodist Church, 3801 North Keeler, Chicago, IL 60641
  • Make a non-cash donation.  The United Methodist Foundation helps us with the gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds so that they come to the church as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Gifts of stock can be dramatic.  If you had a stock purchased at $5,000 and it gained in value to $21,000 – if you were to give that stock to the church instead of paying the capital gains tax and other taxes, it could save you $10,230 in tax savings and provide over double that gift to the church. You can give through your will, or by designating the church as a beneficiary on your life insurance.  You can set up a trust for the church where your house goes to the church upon your death, but you get to live in it until that point. There are many ways to give! 
  • Give through your bank's online bill pay service. 
    1. Set up your giving to be sent to the church on the days of the month that work best for you, and let your giving become a regular and automatic part of your financial life.  You may use the cards in the pews to put in the plate as an acknowledgement that you offer your gifts to God in this regular and significant way.

If you have questions, please contact the church office at: 773-283-6262.