All kids ages kindergarten and up and invited to come and be a part of our Christmas program that incorporates music from some Broadway shows!  This year, the program is “Unfrozen,” a collection of skits, songs and readings to look at the Christmas story in a fresh way.  We will audition children for the speaking roles and solos. There is a way for children of all ages to be involved. Music includes some familiar Christmas carols and some Broadway musical numbers, which may include “Legally Blonde,” from the musical by that name, “Do you Want to Build a Snowman,” from a similar but DIFFERENT musical, “Naughty,” from Matilda: The Musical,  “Sing a Song, a Travelling Song,” and “I Know It’s Today,” from SHREK: The Musical.  There will be parts for two sisters who are princesses – who are not to be confused with any other sister princesses and whose names are Olga and Inga.  The performance will be on Sunday evening, December 13.