What does the story of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem have to do with Intentional Living?  The people of Jerusalem have to go about the task of rebuilding their city walls -- being intentional about what matters most to them, and how they can work together to accomplish it.  God serves as the inspiration, motivation and support for their venture. The 7 Habits developed by Stephen Covey that lead to highly effective people -- and highly effective families will be our lens for looking at the story of Israel in the book of Nehemiah.Come see -- everyone is welcome!

Intentional Living worship series begins on January 3 with worship at 10:00 am. 
Jan. 3      Be Proactive  Neh. 1:1-2:10
Jan. 10    Begin with the End in Mind
                        Nehemiah 2: 11-16
Jan. 17    First Things First  Neh. 2-3
Jan. 24    Think Win-Win  Neh. 4-5        
Jan. 31     Synergize  Neh. 7: 1-8, 70-73
Feb. 7       Sharpen the Saw   Neh. 9