Greetings from the Reconciling Ministry team at the 1st UMC at the Chicago Temple! 
We would like to invite our fellow RM churches to a showing of the documentary “Act of Love” on Sunday March 6th at 5 PM at the 1stUMC at the Chicago Temple.  This is the story of Rev. Frank Schaefer and his trial by the UMC for marrying his son and his same sex partner.  It tells how this trial affected Rev. Schaefer, his family, his congregation and the UMC and the repercussions of this simple “act of love”.  Please let your congregations know of this event, which is being held as part of the It’s Time campaign leading up to General Conference.  The event is free and at this time, is the last showing scheduled in the Chicago area before General Conference. 
It’s Time to stop the discrimination, exclusion and hurtful practices of the United Methodist Church.