On Pentecost Sunday we celebrated our ministry at the corner of Grace and Keeler in the Old Irving Park neighborhood. For 127 of our 131 years, we have called this corner home and are grateful to have served God and community from this place. We are grateful for the opportunity to have served Christ and his beloved community here. As we consider a new location, we celebrate our long-time home and the various ministries that have served so many here. 

We chose Pentecost Sunday because it is a day that marks the promise of the Holy Spirit. On Pentecost the Holy Spirit moved the disciples out of the upper room and into the streets. While IPUMC is celebrating the past, we are doing this with the hope and promise that the Holy Spirit is moving us into the future.

As Rainbow People we are united in Christ and hold fast to God's promises as we move into the future. While denominational issues add to our uncertainty, we hold fast to who we are during this time of transition. The Holy Spirit was poured out on ALL people – all genders, young, old, slave, free. As a reconciling congregation, we understand God’s promises continue to include all people irrespective of gender identity, sexual preference, ability, race, economic status or education. 

Special donations to IPUMC to help us during this transition can se sent to: http://www.irvingparkumc.com/donate

Without a doubt, God is leading us to new places, opening new doors, and calling us to serve in new ways