EVERYONE passing through our sanctuary has enjoyed the spectacular stained glass chancel window installed when the addition was completed in the mid 60s. This wall has been deteriorating and is in need of serious repairs. Repairs of the wall will be addressed as a part of an overall project with the building.

The Chancel Window
In the 1960s, when this sanctuary was renovated and the north wall was constructed, Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Strong donated this window in memory of their daughter, Helen. Here are the stories you will find when you look closely at the window.

Jesus Triumphant

The center lancet represents Jesus Triumphant offering his blessings, his fingers pointing to the "God" portion of the window above him. This is the resurrected, risen Christ at the Right Hand of God. 

Holy persons are usually represented by the "Radiant Circle" around the head. Notice his staff is also a cross.

Two adoring angels are shown in the lower section. For our church, this also could represent John and Charles Wesley.

The Six Days of Creation 

During the six days were created the sun, moon, stars, heavens, earth, fish and fowl, animals and man, which are represented by kites (the small symmetrical sections above the lancets).

Carrying the Flag 

There is a Christian banner behind the staff (crosier) in Christ's left hand. The Christian flag is the banner going before the Christian community as it moves forward. We are counting on our youth to take up the Gospel and carry the banner to future generations! 

God's Reign

The top of the window represents the ONE who is over all. Jesus reminds us that no one has seen GOD. When God said to Moses, "Go set my people free." Moses responded, "Who shall I say has sent me? [What is your name?]" The response: "I Am Who I AM" or, "I Will Be Who I Will Be!"

The circle is without beginning or end. It is a great symbol of the ONE who IS and Who Always Will Be! The four circles encompassed within the large circle is the artist's rendering of the Reign of God to all the four corners of His creation. What HOPE this brings to all!

To those four corners beams the Light of the World, in all the Colors of the rainbow!

THE LIGHT is coming into all the world

What HOPE this brings to each one who hears and believes [follows the one who IS the Light of the World – Jesus].

There are two candles in the lower right corner of our window. And we have two candles on our altar. These represent Jesus. One is for his Divine Being. The other represents the one who is Divine, who came as Fully Human to be our brother. The Divine Being can offer each of us salvation and life eternal. The Human Being, we know as Jesus the Christ, brings that HOPE to all humans who live, die and in Christ are raised to new life!

The Annunciation    

Below the four Disciples, over whom the descending Dove hovers, is a youth with a scroll in his hand. This represents those who have translated the books of the Holy Bible – represented by the books in the hands of the Disciples, pictured immediately above.

The Gospel recalls the announcement to Mary that she would be the Mother of Jesus and she responded in words that were from the song of Hannah. She was the mother of the Prophet/Judge Samuel. Both were "miraculous" births! What HOPE for the mothers of this world.